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Nov 15 2021

What Report Shows Which Web Pages Get The Most Traffic And Highest Engagement?

November 15, 2021 in blog | No Comments

What Report Shows Which Web Pages Get The Most Traffic And Highest Engagement?

You may be wondering how you could know about the performance of your webpage or how you could check and improve your website’s rankings and traffic. Well, you are at the right place, we will help you to know more about your website’s performance and engagement report. 

You can use the help of google analytics to analyze your website’s achievements of the past and improve for future good. Google Analytics helps you in determining various growth aspects and temporary access to your website by providing various reports. 

Out of these reports the all pages report shows which web pages get the most traffic and highest engagement. You can use this report to identify the type of content required for your website and publish an engaging content.

There are various other reports such as the recency report and a specific custom report which will provide valuable information about your websites traffic sources, adaptability and ranking. 

You can find this report in the site content session of the behaviour reports menu from the left side drop down menu of the google analytics. Here let us focus on the all pages report which will help you regarding traffic and engagement.

All Pages Report

All pages report is one of the favorite report which helps you to focus on the analytics of every single webpage on your website. 

This will help you to identify the best niche for your website. This section of google analytics will show you information about the pageviews of every web page, unique pageviews, the average time spent by a user on your page, the bounce rate of every webpage, the percentage exit and the value of each page. 

Using the all pages report you can concentrate on the contents which provide you with more traffic. This report is completely different from other reports such as landing pages report as it allows only to measure the analytics of the page which the user landed onto. 

This report helps us to identify the pages which got more traffic and the page that made the user stay on for a long period of time.

Features Of The All Pages Report In Google Analytics : 

Like we said above there is much valuable information which is delivered through this report. This report is made up of many valuable factors which affect your website’s performance. These factors are also called the SEO metrics as these factors can be responsible for optimizing the search engine. Let us look at these dashboard panels of google analytics which helps in determining the traffic and digital marketers engagement metrics.

  • PAGEVIEWS : Pageviews are an important factor in the all pages report, this factor shows the number of views each webpage has got. This feature doesn’t take care even if the same user has visited the page again. Every view is counted as a new view by this feature.
  • UNIQUE PAGEVIEWS : This is another factor like the pageviews shown on the all pages report. The only difference between these reports is that here only the new users or fresh users viewing the page is counted as a unique pageview.
  • AVG. TIME ON PAGE : This factor shows the average time an average person spends on each webpage on your webpage. There will be different avg. time on page for different web pages on the same website. This variation occurs when a user exits the website without viewing every page of your website.
  • ENTRANCES : The entrances is also one of the important factors which is considered while making content marketing decisions. This factor determines the number of times that every single web page was the first to be landed on the website. When a fresh user navigates to your website,the first webpage they land on is considered as an entrance.
  • BOUNCE RATE : Bounce rate determines the percentage of users who exited the page without any interaction with the website. Bounce rate is calculated if the user exits from the same page which they landed on.
  • % EXIT : It might be a bit confusing that the bounce rate and the percentage exit rate are the same, but are not. The % exit is the rate of users exiting the website from any of the webpages. Whereas bounce rate is only calculated if the person exits the website from the same landed web page without making further actions.

These are the factors influencing the all pages report in the google analytics. This will help you to get the position of your website in the world wide web.

Benefits Of The All Pages Report :


Now let us look at some of the benefits of the all pages report which helps the website owners.

  • The all pages report helps in identifying the number of active users or traffic to each of your webpage than estimating from the whole traffic to your website from different traffic sources.
  • It also allows you to track various attributes of each of the webpage which will help you in making future content decisions.
  • This page will allow you to follow a content marketing strategy or a content plan by giving the information regarding the best performing content or web page of your website.
  • The all pages report will also help you in identifying the weakest performing webpage of your website so that either you can try to skip that particular niche or you can try to improve it.

These benefits of the all pages report helps the users by giving a correct answer to adapt to a content strategy or content marketing program where you can make the entire website rely on a particular niche to increase its natural traffic on its future articles.

Behaviour Reports In Google Analytics :


Simply saying, google analytics is a data collection tool usd by smart marketers which helps you by providing information and reports regarding the traffic to your website and various other attributes. The above said all pages report is one of the data collection reports in the google page analytics dashboard. There are various other behaviour reports which are a part of the google analytics that will help you in using SEM tools like Google Adwords.

Now let us look at the various sections of the behaviour reports other than in the google analytics briefly.

  • OVERVIEW : The overview section is the summary of the factors said above in the all pages report. This section shows the graph of the above factors such as the website traffic sources.
  • BEHAVIOUR FLOW : This part of the behaviour report is like a flow chart which shows the route map of the users who navigated to your website and every navigation after.
  • SITE CONTENT : The site content section of the behaviour reports shows you various information of your websites in a number of reports like the all pages report, landing page, content drilldown and exit pages which is used for various analytical purposes.
  • SITE SPEED : The behaviour reports page of google analytics has a graphical representation called the site speed. This section shows the loading time estimated for each web page in the website. This section also displays various attributes such as average load time, average redirection time…etc.
  • SITE SEARCH : The summary of this site search report shows the data about the users who used the search box of your website like a google search. This tab compares the users who used the search box and the users who didn’t. You can still use this tool of google analytics to identify keywords.
  • EVENTS : The events report in the google analytics is use to identify the activities undergone on your website. It will display the interactions done by the users of your website such as every audio or video played and every download.
  • ADSENSE : Adsense is a popular tool in google analytics which helps the website owners to generate income by allowing them to publish ads on your website. The adsense helps your website in affiliate marketing and shows the report of revenue earned through each of the ads in each web page. You can also use this tool to get information regarding the top viewed web page.
  • EXPERIMENTS : Like the name itself conveys the meaning, the experiments tab helps you to do experiments or testing on each webpage as the landing pages for your website. This will result in optimizing your webpage for a better landing for its users to increase the traffic to your website.
  • IN PAGE ANALYTICS : This is one of the best sections in the behaviour reports of the google analytics. This section requires a google chrome extension which will allow you to see the percentage changes on attributes of each of your web pages in your website . The only problem is that this information is only limited fo desktop users.

Let’s Conclude

From the above reports we understand that google page analytics has a number of tools that have unlimited access and can help to optimize your website. Moreover you can rely on the information delivered through this website to estimate the SEO cost required for optimizing your website for an advanced marketer. These behaviour reports show the web pages that get the most traffic and highest engagement. Google analytics also provides certifications to individuals who are eligible after passing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam. The Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate can help you in learning google’s machine-learning algorithms and your career building. Google analytics also gives you a google tag which can be use for affiliate marketing. We think that this article helped you understand What Report Shows Which Web Pages Get The Most Traffic And Highest Engagement goals.

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