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Nov 19 2016

10 Reasons to Avoid Cheap SEO Services

November 19, 2016 in Search Engine Optimization | No Comments

10 reasons to avoid cheap SEO services

SEO is the most serpentine and bewildering part of the world of Information technology and software services. Individuals even business houses have very little or inadequate knowledge about the SEO and that’s why till a few years back, they can’t take the advantages of SEO for the amelioration of their businesses. But now people are understanding the desirability of the SEO for the betterment of their businesses. Hence, several companies are tethering SEO services with their businesses so that their sites get more visibility and crowd as compared to others.

But while doing SEO you should abide by certain guidelines; else your site will not only get less web traffic but also the bad or cheap SEO practices will diminish your website ranking. So, basically this cheap SEO is not any new-fangled concept and yes, it will certainly demolish the ranking of your website. Now, let’s keep our focus on bad or cheap SEO.

What is a bad SEO?

Basically, SEO practices that are unscrupulous, hackneyed and beyond the boundaries of Google webmaster guidelines are regarded as cheap or bad SEO. While the prime motto of SEO is about optimizing your website for search engines but a bad SEO can create a negative impact on search results.

Throughout the world, you may come across many SEO consultants as nowadays, markets are thronged with SEO consultants. But you need to wisely segregate the cheap SEO service providers from the good ones. Since, these days SEO has become very familiar, so everyone should know about the intricacies of SEO and hence, they need to cautiously hire good SEO consultant if they want to elevate their website’s rank in search engine result pages.

But how could you segregate the good SEO services from the cheap and bad ones? Below, we are mentioning certain methods that are usually followed by the cheap SEO consultants. So, you should try to discard them as much as possible.

1.Low-quality content:

If your service provider provides you with some high quality, authentic and original content for your website, then this will make a positive impact on SEO and search engine rankings. Moreover, consistently publishing or updating content also uplifts the trust between the company and its customers. But if your service provider offers you such content that is meaningless, worthless and duplicate, then it’s better that you should discontinue such cheap SEO service immediately. Nowadays, markets are flooded with numerous software tools for spinning articles. Spinning articles are very simple, facile and less expensive than writing unique articles every time. Companies that simply rely on content spinning will definitely lose their website ranking in search engine result pages. If search engines already have the similar content in their index, there is obviously no reason to index your web page since there is nothing new and fresh content.

2.Focus only on rankings:

These days’ proper search engine optimization requires more than just blasting thousands of links all over the internet. There are certainly more things that usually come under SEO. The success of a website can be achieved in other SEO activities too. But a cheap or unprofessional search engine optimization consultants focus only on bad keywords and optimize the site with these worthless keywords, which do not deliver the required traffic and hence, you will hardly get any conversion from that traffic. If you are continuing with such service provider, then this is the high time that you should avoid such kind of cheap SEO service.

3.Inferior quality of link:

Every month you are spending a hefty amount so that you will receive some quality link building. But if your service provider is providing you with the low-quality and spammy links that are built with software and automated tools, then you are simply wasting your money and time with that service provider. It is also true that this type of low-quality link building is going to trigger a Google penalty and hence, you need to pay thousands of dollars to recover it. Now, Google no more prefers quantity to quality. So, if you are receiving low-quality links continuously, then your site won’t get a good rank because search engine’s algorithms now focus solely on quality. So, low-quality links will only  result in spamming your website rather than promoting the website.

4.Hiding the strategies from clients:

The cheap consultants have a nature that they usually try to hide their strategies from the clients. This behaviour is not at all accepting in the professional world as the client has the right to know all the strategies being implemented by the SEO consultant and how these strategies affect their site. If a consultant is trying to hide SEO strategies from the client, then this will not only be considered as an unprofessional behavior but sometimes, due to this nature of the SEO consultant, the company’s image get tarnished which is not at all good in this steep competitive market.

5.No access to Google analytics:

If your provider sets up Google Analytics for your site but showing an unwillingness to give you access, then you should try to discard that service provider as soon as possible. Practically, there is no valid reason that your provider should deny you access to the analytics for your own website. Though this sounds quite astonishing but very often you may come across this problem.

6.Poor interaction with other team members:

For a successful SEO campaign, good communication and interaction among SEO consultants and other team members are important. Very often, SEO consultants need to interact with client’s programmers to make any changes in the website so as to make the site SEO-friendly. If they tend to neglect the programmers or other team members, it affects the results they produce. So, if your service provider is not properly coordinating with other members, then you should run away from that cheap SEO services.

7.Lack of knowledge:

Cheap SEO companies have inadequate knowledge of SEO and hence, they build low-quality links and put spinning articles on the client’s web pages. They have a lack of ideas and don’t know how to execute the things in an innovative way. While on the other hand, a good SEO service company has a profound knowledge of SEO and hence, they provide an innovative solution for each customer. They will come up with unique, authentic articles and good quality links.

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8.Have a very less knowledge about your (client’s) product and service:

SEO is really a time-consuming and lengthy process. So, it is also true that only a few search engine optimization company is going to give time and effort to learning about your service or product. Or they will conduct the market research and competitor analysis that are required for a successful SEO.

9.Drop the ball in the middle:

SEO’s should never stop or get satisfied with few strategies. There is always more to do in search engine optimization. Cheap SEO’s lose interest and motivation in the middle, but it is recommendable that a service provider should try to collect checks from the clients for doing minimal work.

10.Lack of long term business relationship:

Building long-term business relationships is not the utmost goal of many SEO services particularly for cheap service providers. If you cancel service in a couple of months because of poor performance or a Google penalty, they have already started working with another business companies.

So, if you picked up the cheap option for your SEO in the beginning, then perhaps at the end you need to pay much more money as a result of Google penalty or many other factors. It is recommendable that before hiring an SEO service you should do some market research and verify their portfolio before taking the final call.

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