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Nov 29 2016

Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup: 29 November 2016

November 29, 2016 in Online Marketing Weekly Roundup | No Comments

Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup

Waiting to be pampered with a real treat? I know and I owe you this!

Every week I come back to give you some interesting and cheesy news from the world of IT, tech, Social Media, SEO and content marketing because I know you are expecting it and you crave for what’s new!

And, this makes me hunt for news! But, there is no need to hunt it out when we know what’s happening around us.

The Internet and Information Technology are together playing it big and we are all a part of this revolution that is all set to change the world forever.

In fact, our love for new things and new updates is what keeps us going and leading our paths to explore the paths less traversed leading us to discover things that are unique, and different. This is what gave way to new inventions.

Thanks to our IT researchers and scientists who are well-known for their love of information and their quest to bring about a revolution to the world of IT. We are not too far from the days when we might start messaging or even whatsapping our alien counterparts that are believed to exist on other planets.

Let me not brag further, but give you what’s yours:

#1. Now we have SEO without SERP:

You read it right! Can’t believe your eyes? You have to!

Google Assistant is all set to make SEO available without SERP.

This is programmed to meet the needs of Google Assistant that can perform way loads better at fetching search results rather than depending those SERP results that has been screwing up our websites for a long time now.

The Assistant search programs are being supported by Google Home and Amazon Echo.

Here, you can read more about the news: SearchEngineLand

#2. Your live videos and messages can now disappear:

Instagram has never shied off from showing off how good the web can get. Here, again now it is bringing us a new system which could make live videos and messages disappear.

Insta has been planning this surprise for you by blending in the essence of Snapchat and Periscope by extracting the best of their features.

It does not allow replays, but your people can catch you live while you are streaming.

Here, you can read the excitement: TechCrunch

#3. Programmatic key to the future of Paid Search Buying:

What could be possibly the future of paid search buying?

Will there be a transformation in the existing contingencies of Paid Search Buying?

Columnist Andrew Ruegger has a totally different approach and here you can find out what he’s got to say: Martechtoday

#4. AMP is making it to the headlines again:

It’s been almost an year since the successful launch of AMP and a lot of people including our team of content analysts and researchers at Acodez have speculated things about AMP.

And, it’s in the news again for some interesting reason!

Could the new acceleration be an answer from Google to Facebook’s Instant Articles?

Wish to know more? Then, click here and find out for yourself: MarketingLand

#5. Black Hat SEO could get you to places:

There are several speculations around us that support and do not support the implementation of Black Hat SEO.

What is your belief?

Do you support it?

Well, frankly speaking many of the webmasters support it while others condemn it.

But, here are some of the confessions of a retired Black Hat SEO that will tell you what was it that you were doing wrong and need to be changed today: Neilpatel.com

Listed below are some of the additional resources that made news during the past week:

Google is testing images in Sitelink extensions – SearchEngineLand
New Facebook Feature lets you find nearby Wi-Fi – TheNextWeb
How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar for a Year – SocialMediaExaminer
Fun with robots.txt – SearchEngineLand

Happy Reading!

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Rino Radhakrishnan

Rino Radhakrishnan is an SEM Analyst at Acodez IT Solutions. Brilliant, vibrant and enthusiastic this Engineering graduate from Mahendra Institute of Engineering and Technology, Salem, is anxious on experimenting and researching innovative ideas for analysing the existing Digital Marketing strategies and also eager to build new ones.

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