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Jul 5 2016

Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup: 5 July 2016

July 5, 2016 in Online Marketing Weekly Roundup | No Comments

Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup

The world of internet driven by technology is moving at an unimaginable speed. We can find new technologies and innovative inventions striking our world every day. Also, within a few years there are possibilities of robots taking over the position of human beings.

We are in a scenario where people are too lazy to budge a little from where they sit. All thanks to technology that makes life easier with just a click on the mouse or with a tap on the Smartphones. What would have happened if there was no technology or no internet?

How do you think you would have connected with your Facebook friends? How would you shop online? How would you plan a surprise party for your friend at their favorite restaurant in the city?

All of a sudden things seem to be so unpleasant! But, we need not fret. Technology and internet is here to take care of your needs. Today, everything is possible with a click of the mouse and we know that you are eager to find out what are the latest things that we have got from the world of SEO, tech, and content marketing for you:

1. Content is one of the Google’s ranking factors:

As you know Google keeps on updating its algorithm and its SEO ranking strategies repeatedly. Though, there is no one who actually knows how exactly Google decides its ranking factors. But, fresh content is indeed one of those factors that Google uses to decide ranking.

Now the question is how does Google determine the freshness of your content?

Moz.com shares 10 points based on which Google determines whether your content is fresh or not. Examine these points carefully and then decide which of these you need to change while you are optimizing your website for the search engines.

Here: Moz, you can read more about these points.

2. You can now use Facebook Ads to reach out local audience:

Facebook has grown a lot since it was first launched. There has been no looking back for Facebook since the day it was born. It has never limited itself from serving people with some of the best solutions.

Here, again Facebook has unveiled a new update.

You can easily reach your local customers through Facebook.

Social Media Examiner examines the points that will help you reach your local targets via Facebook.

Here: SocialMediaExaminer you can read more on how Facebook will make it possible for you.

3. 7 types of keywords that can help boost your SEO strategy:

Keywords play an important role in boosting your SEO strategy.

Search Engine Land talks about how these 7 kinds of keywords can help take your website ahead in the competition:

  • Market-defining keywords
  • Customer-defining keywords
  • Product keywords
  • Industry thought leaders
  • Competing company names
  • Related vertical keywords
  • Geotargeted keywords

To know more about what each keyword is good at, you can read it here: SearchEngineLand

4. What are the things you do after posting your blog?

Of course, you publish it after posting.

Here, are a few things that you need to consider after publishing a blog post.

  • Reread the final copy
  • Insert a link to old content
  • Engage your people into discussion by adding a question
  • Post on Facebook and more…

Here: QuickSprout you can read more on the remaining 10 factors that you need to do after publishing your blog post. Don’t plan your next blog until you read this.

5. Facebook will emphasize lesser priority to publisher’s content:

Facebook has yet again rolled out new update wherein the publisher’s content will receive lesser priority while the posts from friends and family will be assigned a greater importance.

Here: AdWeek, you can read more about the news.

Listed below are the links to some of the additional resources from the past week:

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The Complete Guide to Instagram Advertising [Ebook] – Hubspot blog
8 SEO and Social Media Trends You Need to Know About – Entrepreneur  
Stop Making These 6 Content Marketing Mistakes – Inc
Facebook Introduces New SlideShow Video Maker to Get Users Sharing More Content – SocialMediaToday
Twitter targets smaller businesses with launch of Dashboard – Techcrunch

Happy reading! Wait while we will reach you the next week with some exciting news.

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Kribesh GK is an SEO team lead at Acodez IT Solutions. Having 2 years of experience in Digital marketing, he is keen on implementing new SEO strategies and writing blogs.

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