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Jun 21 2016

Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup: 21 June 2016

June 21, 2016 in Online Marketing Weekly Roundup | No Comments

Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup

Technology as always is on a rise and there is no stopping it. Thanks to the technology that is ever changing and helping us live a smart and easy life.

The internet has become an integral part of our life. Can we imagine a day without our dearest Smartphones?

The increasing utilization of Smartphones and Android devices shows how far the world is from where we stand.

And, now that’s not too distant. It’s at our fingertips.

In a technology driven world, I do not want to brag further and bore you but reveal to you what are the things that are changing the world.


Let’s get started then:

#1. Google finally makes its Green Ad Label official:

Have you observed the new change?

Or if you still believe that it is Google testing the new roll out, then, it is not.

Folks, it is not Google testing. But, it has rolled out the update.

Google confirmed to Search Engine Land that the switch is no longer a test but has been unveiled for use to the web users.

Here: SELand you can read in detail about the latest update.

#2. Microsoft acquires LinkedIn:

I don’t know whether you have noticed, but Microsoft and LinkedIn have been creating hype, since the last time Microsoft purchased LinkedIn and rolled out the news of its acquisition.

LinkedIn, as you know, is one of the leading social media networking sites. It concentrates on fostering and building B2B relationships rather than B2C.

So, don’t you think it is spinning a new revolution with Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn?

What could be the change?

What can we expect from Microsoft’s move?

We are unsure about what could be the possible motive, but if speculations are to be believed clearer messaging and data integration could be one of the major reasons behind such a move.

Here: MarketingLand you can read more about Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn and what change could both bring about.

#3. Google Search Console serves as a powerful SEO tool:

Yes, whatever you read is right.

Being a digital marketer, you always need a reliable SEO tool at your disposal.

So, what could be the tool?

Google Search Console is the tool that serves as a powerful SEO tool.

But, how could you implement it to make your life easier?

Here, are tips from Neil Patel to make SEO easier for you: QuickSprout

#4. Get your videos perform in search:

Do you think your videos do not perform well in the search engines?

Then, how do we get them perform?

What do we do to ensure that they are being found in the search engines?

Social Media Examiner shares views on how to ensure your video performs over the search engines: SME

#5. How can you develop quality content?

Anyone can write content. But, it’s quality matters. You can write simply any piece of content and expect it to get found or impress people.

Lack of quality content is one of the problems that digital marketers are facing.

There are a number of content writers who are working on your projects. But, the result is poor.

Search Engine Land discusses in detail about the strategies that Google applies to decide whether the content has quality or not.

Here, you can read more about it: SearchEngineLand

Here are the links to some of the additional articles that you might be interested in:

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LinkedIn Sponsored Content 101: Crash Course in Set Up, Targeting, and Performance – bn.co
How to Make the Customer the Hero of Your Story – Hubspot blog

Happy reading!

Wait while we bounce you back with more interesting information from the world of Tech, SEO, Sociial Media and Content marketing.

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