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Jul 12 2016

Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup: 12 July 2016

July 12, 2016 in Weekly Roundup | No Comments

Inbound Marketing Weekly Roundup

Hey All! How are you doing?

Are you geared up to learn what’s new in the world of SEO, Social Media, Tech and content marketing?

The excitement is hidden in the fact that nothing is constant in the world of technology. The updates that you hear of today will change tomorrow and the one that you find tomorrow will vanish, and new changes will replace the existing ones.

So, change is monotonous.

Now, let’s find out what’s new in the monotonously changing world of tech, SEO, and content marketing during the past week:

1. Is your Social Media driving you the expected results? No? Let’s find out what’s wrong:

What is the strategy that you follow while working on Social Media?

First things first.

Remember that your Social Media strategy is a waste of effort unless you imbibe in SEO.

In an article published by Content Marketing Institute, you can find that solid SEO strategies are like a concrete foundation for Social Media.

So, here are 5 SEO strategies to help you with your Social Media efforts:

1. Follow the 4S rule for your content (Segmented, searchable, snackable & Shareable).

2. Optimize it for the search engines (Learn to speak spider)

3. Smart use of Social Media Meta Tags

4. Smart use of On-Page Metadata

5. Understanding the limitations of SEO-auditing tool while using it

You can read about these rules in detail here: contentmarketinginstitute

2. What are the link building challenges?

Think of all those times when you struggled to get some quality links even though you have quality content to share.

Your content might be enjoying a high range of social shares, but still, the external linking is poor.

Search Engine Land discusses 13 link opportunities that can help you in your effort to build quality links and some of these includes:

1. Brand Mentions

2. Service/ Product Mentions

3. High-level employees/ brand representatives

4. Images

5. Marketing/ PR Campaigns

6. Testimonials

You can find the rest of the opportunities here: searchengineland

3. Did someone tell you of these tips to improve your Search Ranking for blog posts?

Writing a blog post is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort to research and gather points that are unique while writing blogs.

But, here are three tips that could help you with the search ranking of your blog posts:

1.Include more number of keywords

2. Cite places, notable people, and brands

3. Answer niche questions.

Here: socialmediaexaminer :you can find in detail about how these tips could help increase the search ranking for your blog posts.

4. Tips to generate blog post ideas:

Do you struggle to generate blog post ideas?

It is indeed one of the most difficult tasks when planning a blog, admit it we have all been through situations when we struggled with a topic for our blog.

But, here is something that would help with your blogging efforts.

Here: socialmediatoday

5. Content Marketing strategies that work:

Are you struggling with your efforts on content marketing?

Here, are the habits of successful content marketers: entrepreneur

Try and apply this and find out whether it is helpful. It will be for sure as many have already benefitted.

Now, it’s your turn.

Here, are the links to additional articles from the previous week:

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Surprisingly Simple Ecommerce Content Marketing Tips – Jeffbullas
7 Ways to Make Search Results For Your Brand Name Exactly How You Want Them – Entrepreneur
HTTPS Tops 30%: How Google Is Winning the Long War – Moz

Happy Reading! Have a great time until we return to you the next week with more exciting news.

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Kribesh GK

Kribesh GK is an SEO team lead at Acodez IT Solutions. Having 2 years of experience in Digital marketing, he is keen on implementing new SEO strategies and writing blogs.

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